Saturday, March 15, 2008

A TAG from Sarah

1. Typically what time do you wake up? Usually at 7am, although Luke has been getting me up at 6:45 lately...that extra 15 min's makes a big difference.
2. On a good night what time are your kids in bed? 8:00pm but in reality it happens at 8:30.
3. How long have you been a mom? 6 1/2 years.
4. How old were you when you became a mom? that's young
5. What is your favorite cartoon show? Backyardigans
6. What is your least favorite cartoon show? anything on Cartoon Network
7. What is your favorite meal to cook? Lasagna because Scott says mine's the best ever.
8. What meal do you make most? Hamburger's one of Scott's favorites(not mine for sure).
9. What is your kids favorite meal? Scottie..ANYTHING, Savana....macaroni & cheese for everymeal, Luke.....he's not in a very good eating stage right now.
10. What is your favorite thing your husband does with the kids? When he first comes home from work and they each have a big smile and give him a big hug.
11. What are 5 things about being a mom that makes you smile? 1. When they say "You're the best Mom in the world"2. When they offer (or remind me) to say a prayer 3. Watching them grow and learn new things 4. The look in their eyes Christmas morning. 5. The funny little innocent things they say.
12. What is your favorite chore? Does anyone have a favorite chore?
13. If you could take your kids anywhere where would that be? The Nickelodeon hotel in Florida...they beg me all the time or Nickelodeon Cruise.
14. When was the last time you went out with your kids? Saturday, for Savana's birthday party.
15. What is your favorite past time with your kids? reading books or taking them to Peter Piper Pizza...they have so much fun.
16. Name one thing you said you would never do as a parent?Allow them to eat sweets before eating a I do it???Yes.
17. What is your favorite quality your mom has? She is very giving and concerned about others well-being.
18. What is your advise to new mothers? Your children grow up so fast!! Take the time to do the little important things the chores and everything else will be there tomorrow.
19. What is your most heartbreaking moment as a mom? When they hurt and it's something I can't fix.
20. Most joyful moment of being a mom? It's very rewarding to see them smile and be genuinely happy and grateful.Now I tag Danielle! Good Luck!


The BUSY BUSY man. He can't hold still, I'm telling you. If he's not at work he's at a sport and if he's not at a sport he's cleaning the garage. Scott's famous last words: "Let's have a garage-cleaning party." Hilarious, I love it!!!! He is definitely finding that he's getting older though. The poor guy has pulled a muscle in his back two months in a row and locked his keys in his truck. Gotta love him though!

Baby powder anyone? aka "Tickle" to Luke

The other day I layed him down for a nap. Or so I thought. It was quiet for a little while, then I heard a bit of noise, then quiet again. So, I decided I better go check on him. As I opened the door I found baby powder dumped all over him, his carpet and his toys. Look at that mischievious face!