Tuesday, June 23, 2009

boo boo


We had one of the (other) biggest scares of our lives this last week. We moved into our new home the beginning of June, it is a two-story. On the second floor are three bedrooms, a bathroom & two lofts. In one of the lofts we have a media room for the kids set-up.On this last Tuesday, the 15th, Savana & Luke were upstairs watching a movie. I was downstairs cleaning the office. Savana ran down & informed me that Luke fell out the window. I yelled "WHAT?!?" and ran outside to find him lying on the ground. I FREAKED out, well freaked is an understatement. I ran inside to greet Scott at the door. He asked what happened and I told him. I ran inside to call 911. I knew I had to calm myself, but those few seconds before I found the phone, I found myself almost fainting. I reached the dispatcher and by that point, when Scott had found Luke out on the ground, he said he was actually trying to get up. It was rainy outside and the spot he landed on was rocky and muddy. Scott felt confident, after seeing all his limbs move, to bring him in the house. When the EMT's arrived he still had not lost consciousness, but was whimpering, grunting, trying to cry and staring off into space. They took his vitals, found they were really good, and found no external wounds ANYWHERE. They advised us to still take him to the ER for evaluation. We opted to take him ourselves instead of by ambulance.


{^he's fine here....only sleeping^}

When we arrived at the ER, they immediately sent us to the trauma unit. They did multiple tests including a physical evaluation, ultrasound, x-rays & a CAT-scan. He was in & out the whole time, but we did our best to comfort him and make sure he had his blanket. They informed us if they found ANY problems with him, AT ALL, they would transfer him up to Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake. The results they had come up with after all the testing was 2 cracked ribs, a bruised lung, a bruised kidney, a cracked liver and 2 displaced vertebrates at the top of his neck. So, from that we were told he would be transfered up to PCH via an ambulance. The ride was about 50 min's & he was given morpin beforehand to ease any pain. When we arrived they did their own evaluations & their conclusion was he had 1 cracked rib, a bruised lung, a bruised kidney & loose ligaments in his neck. He had a neck-brace on and was to wear it until the neurosurgeon could make sure the results they found were accurate. They also wanted him to spend the night and a good portion of the next day in their care to keep an eye on him. When we got settled into a room he seemed to be in good spirits. They offered him a popsicle and he jumped right on it. He ate it fast! So fast in fact, it upset his little tummy. Scott called his brother, Shawn, to come to the hospital so the two of them could give Luke a blessing. He slept well through the night and seemed to be doing really well. The next morning when he awoke, I was laying next to him and running my fingers through his hair. I asked him if he remembered what happened. He said "yes, I fell out the window." To that I replied I loved him and was sorry it happened to him. I told him I didn't want him to hurt. He turned to me and said "I won't do it again." So sweet. It's difficult as a mother to know that sometimes our children, no matter how small, have to learn lessons the hard way. When I found him outside, in pain, purple and almost not completely there, I felt the most scared I have in almost my entire life. I felt so helpless. I wanted to fix him and make him better right then & there. I wanted the whole thing to go away and to have never happened. I was so grateful for Scott, and his brother. I was SO grateful for their priesthood authority and the comfort of a priesthood blessing. He's running around now like it never happened although there's an occasional pain in his shoulder. A trip to our Dr. Berry reconfirmed him being well.


Poor guy! I'm glad he's okay though. It is definitely another little trial we've had in life to make us appreciate our little ones and life in general!


This Father's Day I would have to say I have felt eternally grateful for Scott
being the Father of my children.
With the past few experiences we've had this year(another post to come) I
have seen how powerful the love of a father is.
I am extremely proud to call Scott my husband and I adore watching
him with his children. He loves
them sooo very much and the love is reciprocated.
To both of my Dad's, Lee & Chuck.....thank you for absolutely everything you
have done for me and are to me.
Now that it's your turn to be a grandfather, I love seeing your
relationships with each of my children. You play a special
role in each of their lives and they completely
look up to you and so do I!!
Love Always,

Monday, June 15, 2009


As soon as Grandpa Brown heard the carnival

was in town, he had to make the


There was no way he was going to let it go

by without taking the kiddies.


Many times the kids stopped dead in their tracks to

look at the rides!


They had a BLAST! and you know NONE of the boys can

go without testing their basketball skills


I had my mind set on finding the yummy BBQ I could smell.

I never found it, but I'll tell you what I did find....

a caramel apple covered in nuts!!!!


I'm afraid the picture below is a scary view into my future!!!


We had so much fun and even better, we had great timing!

Right when we finished

all of our rides & even had a potty break, it started to pour down rain.

Friday, June 12, 2009


I had forgotten about these pics until I just went through
one of my memory cards & found them there!


This next one reminds of a beauty pageant

contest photo!


Thursday, June 11, 2009


Reminiscing...... this , would quite surprise you
when you see


We couldn't get Luke in this costume for the life of us this

last Halloween!

The empty lot next to our house has been doing some

excavating. While they're not working the trachoe

is resting. For some odd

reason, he insisted on doing this little pose in

the bucket!


His latest quirk is wearing whatever costume he can

get his hands on! There is {black} spiderman, superman, scooby dooby,

darth vader, in which all are about 4 sizes too big, and last but not

least YODA!


Every year we take a trip down to Moab in June for
a bowling tournament. What? Did that catch you
off guard....a bowling tournament....Moab?????
Ya, it has that affect on most people.


Our little family started this tradition the moment Scott
and I started dating......but
his family started this tradition long ago when
Scott was a young child


I have to admit it was about five years after we had been going that I

decided we needed to venture out and do a little more than

bowling. Of course, you can't leave out the swimming and golfing that we do

.....they're never abandoned.



AND here's daddy....showcasing his muscles & showing

the kids a good time


Photobucket Photobucket

One of the first non-bowling, golfing, swimmingish, activities we did

was white water rafting. That was very fun. I think a year later

we finally visited Arches for the first time. Hello! What

took us so long?!?!

Photobucket Photobucket

{Eric and Sarah ^}

This year we went Rock Crawlin' with our good friends Eric & Sarah

or as my kids like to call them "The Epps." Shawn and Chelsea and her brother

Ellis and his girlfriend Kirstie went along for the ride and made it quite


The picture just above with the jeep is Eric's. He was a "pro"

on the trail we took called "Hell's Revenge." I

guess he's been to hell once or twice before.

He's Movin' On!


Scottie had his last day of school on the 29th
of May. All the kids in every grade get
to learn a dance and then showcase it
to family and friends.

Personally I think he's got some moves, if anyone asks me!


We were so lucky to be able to get him into the same

school his grandma works at! I think they both thoroughly enjoyed

having eachother so close.


With us finding a new house, Scottie was pretty nervous he would

have to start up at a new school again. Luckily his wish came true and he gets

to stay at his same school! We've registered Savana for Kindergarten

and now Scottie can show her the ropes!!


Monday, June 1, 2009


To My Angel~Colten,

Today is the day you were supposed to enter the world and leave the

comfort of my warm protective womb.

It is the day we would have held you in our arms inspecting

every inch of you marveling at God's miracle of life.

We would be in a hospital room in awe of the truly magical events

that just took place with family & friends at our side.

This day didn't quite go as Mommy had planned, but I look forward to

the day that I leave this earth to have the reunion with you

I was planning on having.

Once again with family & friends at my side, but this time

It be will be YOU..... waiting for me.

Until then, be mommies little Angel ~ In the arms of your

great grandma Arline, in the company of all our other loved ones,

in the presence of our loving Heavenly Father and

His son Jesus Christ.

Please know you will always be my little boy

and that you have a family who loves you and will do everything they

can to make sure we are together again.


Love Always,