Friday, July 20, 2012

He's Six

We got to do something this year with a kids birthday that we rarely to never get to do. We celebrated Luke's birthday ON his actual birthday!! We generally always do some kind of special dinner along with cake and ice cream and then a party on another day. This year it just so happened to work out that we were able to do it on the day of his birthday. We had a lot of fun the whole day through! First, he got to sleep in, not really anything new for him ;). Then, he got to walk through the doorway that was decorated for him. After that, he requested french toast for breakfast. He was able to get away with no chores for the day....that's a birthday treat I'd like!! Then we had his best friend and some family join us at Chuck E. Cheese's for pizza, cake and ice cream! The kids had a blast. He normally has his party at the water park and was up for a change this year. The main thing he requested for his birthday was birthday money! I saw a really cute idea on pinterest to put the money in a chocolate box. We broke down a $20 bill into smaller bills, put them in the individual wrappers within the box, then wrapped up the box. He was so excited. He said some of the cutest things, one thing in particular: "finally...I've been waiting to get money for my birthday forever!" Thank you to all of our family members who helped in the celebration of his birth!! We had a great time!

Luke you are one of a kind!  You truly have a unique personality, and that's why we love you so much!

This is Luke-
Your best friend is Dawson
You just adore your big sister Savana
You are very stubborn
You LOVE eggs and toast for breakfast
You are a sleepy head
You want to be just like your older brother, Scottie, and play all the sports
You cherish the time you spend with daddy
You have the biggest heart
No one likes to make you mad or else we have to deal with 'the wrath'
You play nice with your little brother Lincoln and love to cuddle with Brooklyn
You are very particular with what you wear, you don't want to look 'geeky'
You love to make people laugh!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Three m0nth's

Brooklyn turned 3 months old on July 10th. She has grown so much already and it makes me so sad :( It's truly bitter sweet. I love seeing all the firsts and fun stages they go through. Brooklyn, right now you are doing so many fun things:

  • Loving tummy time
  • Holding head up really well
  • Rolling tongue/spitting thing to laugh
  • You just found your toes!
  • You don't like your car seat much
  • Spanish music in the car calms you down LOL
  • You love your brothers and sister
  • You are really becoming attached to Mommy

Bling Bling

As tradition would have it, my ears were pierced as a baby, Savana's ears were pierced as a baby and now it was Brooklyn's turn.  Some people see it unnecessary, I see it as a right of passage.  She did cry, but less than five minutes later, you never would have even known!!  She looks so adorable!!

Sleeping peacefully before....

Completely content and blinged out after.....