Friday, June 20, 2008

Princess Ball

Okay, let me apologize upfront. The Prnicess Ball took place last weekend and I've been a little slow to posting it. Our Stake puts on a daddy daughter dance, I believe this is the second year. They usually do it right after the father son's campout. This is the second year Daddy took his little princess to the ball. She loves it. When she came home and I asked her what she did she just said 'Well, we danced and then we danced and danced some more.' She needs all the bonding time she can get with Scott. For some reason she gets a little grumpy with him. I'm glad he's the type of father that doesn't even give it a second thought. I appreciate a man like that. Savana looked so beautiful. Her daddy was quite an eyeful too!

My new toy

My dear kind husband works so very hard to make sure I get just about anything my heart desires. Well, most of the time that is. So, I figured to become a little more professional I would need a laptop. Let me give you a little background here. We have a three bedroom house....Breakdown= Scott and I (1)first room, Luke (2)second room, Scottie and Savana (3)third room. So, that doesn't leave much room for an office. We could technically put it out in the dining room, but that's where I try to do some of my photography. Anyway, I thought it wouldn't look so great if I tell my clients, "Come into my bedroom to view your pictures on my computer." Hence, the need for a laptop.
He just about had a heart attack when he heard my request. So, using that brain of his he figured out a way to get it for practically free. (??What, Scott looking for something for free??? Trust me, it's true. I know it's hard to believe. Just kidding babe, I love ya!) We use our Searsmastercard for EVERYTHING as many of you may know. We've been able to put a lot of company stuff on there and so we've racked up the points. He had the brilliant idea to use the reward points to buy the laptop. I didn't argue. To tell you the truth, I've tried to use the points on past purchases, but that didn't fly. He likes to use the points for strictly for cruises. So, thank you to my dear and giving husband for sacrificing a few of his cruise points to better my situation with photography. I love you :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008


~ I found this on another blog (thanks Joy) and thought it was very
fitting since how Fathers Day is right around the corner, so go ahead and take on the fun of telling all about your Husband! ~

What is his name? Scott Giles Brown

How long have we been married? 7 1/2 that went by fast!

How long did we date? 4 months then we got engaged and were married 4 months later.

Who eats more? Him, but I can pound it down sometimes.

Who said I love you first? Scott....I didn't respond. I wanted to make sure I really meant it.

Who is taller? He is 6'2"...I'm 5'4"

What is something about him that most people don't know? He can actually sing really well.

Who sings better? he says me, but I think he's pretty dang good.

Who is smarter?! ;) no, just kidding. We both are in our own areas.

Whose temper is worse? definitely mine. He's way more patient.

Who pays the bills? Mostly me.

Who does the laundry? Most of the time I do. When I'm at work he'll occasionally do a load or two for me.

Who cooks dinner? Me. Once in a great while I can get him to make some soup or crepe's.

Who drives when together? He does.

Who is more stubborn? For sure me.

Who is the first to admit when wrong? He's pretty good at that, but neither one of us really ever think we're wrong.

Who wears the pants in the family? For sure both of us.

Who eats more sweets? He does. He has to have dessert after dinner.

Who mows the lawn? Well, we don't have a lawn.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do.

Who kissed who first? He did. We were dating for two weeks and it was long awaited.

Who asked who out first? We were set up on a blind date. After the first date I had my friend call him the next day to arrange something again.

Who proposed? He did. He was very sneaky. I had no clue and actually thought he was
teasing me so I told him to shut up.

What is my favorite thing about him? He is so very giving. He would give his shirt off of his back to help anyone. If anyone is ever in need he is the first to make sure he helps. He has the utmost respect for his parents and I REALLY admire that about him.

I tag you ALL...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


**For those of you that have never done this, erase my answers and apply each of the questions to yourself then post on your blog**

What I was doing 10 years ago: I was living in Provo, Utah. I was single and living up the college life. That's about the time when I was starting to get burnt out of school and wasn't concentrating on my studies like I should have been ;)

5 years ago: Scott and I had been married for two years. That would have made Scottie about 1 1/2 years old. We were living with Scott's parents looking at the different options to build a home. Scott was working in Park City and still commuting 5 days a week.

1 year ago: This time last year we were getting ready for Luke's first birthday. We were getting ready for our trip to Utah for the month of July.

Yesterday: Well, I can say it was a long day, but I didn't get much done. I was trying to play catch up from our trip we had just taken to Moab, UT.

5 snacks I enjoy: fruit if I don't have to prepare it, pretzels, lemonade, wheat thins, & fruit strips.

5 Books I like: To be perfectly honest with you I don't read books nearly as much as I should. The last book I picked up would have to be The Book of Mormon. The last book I was supposed to read I borrowed in January and it's still sitting on my nightstand unread.

5 places I’d love to run away to: California, Park City, the Carribean, Hawaii, somewhere exotic I've never been.

5 bad habits: procrastination, neglecting myself, OCD with losing things, squinting, & getting grumpy very easily

5 pet peeves: losing things, SLOW drivers in the PASSING lane(notice it's called the passing lane not the "Fast lane"), liars, lazy people, people who solicit at your home.

5 things I like doing: Taking pictures, accomplishing something, going on a vacation, being a mom and wife, watching my children have a really good time.

5 things I would never wear: I agree Danielle....skinny jeans, '80's clothes, pastel colors, men styled overalls, sweatshirt in public.

5 tv shows I like: Prison Break, The Hills(I can't say why), The Soup, American Idol, America's Next Top Model.

5 famous people I’d like to meet: Truthfully it would be cool to meet a "star" but I'm not that kind of girl...I would say Jesus and the Prophet though.

5 people I’d like to see fill this out: Joy, Lorie, Jen, Mary, and Sarah Brown