Sunday, April 17, 2011

Savana's Seven

She's been counting down the days to her birthday and it finally came and went. I'm thinking overall it was a good day. We were out of town this weekend and at her request, we were able to grant her wish and take her to IHOP. She devoured her food!!

After I posted her video to facebook, she decided to write me an email, so CUTE! This is what she wrote: Thanks! I love that video. Your the best mom I ever had! When I was little I was cute. I love you. Love, Savana We had a nice quiet dinner followed by cupcakes and ice cream.

Today's presents were the Tangled movie and the barbie set Rapunzel, Flynn & the horse Maximus. Grandma and Grandpa Brown gave her a HUGE art set. When we would ask "What do you say?", she would respond with "I love it!". After that happened multiple times, Luke finally chimed in and said "What about Thank you?" They sure do make me laugh! Sweet Savana.... Thank you for being so purely sweet, kind, full of love & laughter, always willing to help me out, and writing your sweet emails. These are a few of Savana's favorite things right now:
  • Art

  • Writing stories

  • Laughing with Luke

  • Writing sweet emails

  • Math

  • Singing

  • Lucky Charms

  • Calling Aunt Ari

  • Playing at Grandma Brown's

  • Sleep-over's with Grandma Skeem

  • Kittens
  • I made this video especially for you, I can't believe seven years have flown by already!

    Savana's 7 from Megan Brown on Vimeo.

    Friday, April 8, 2011

    A Few of These Birthday Wishes....

    ........May be a wee bit hard to grant.....

    Savana gave me plenty of notice of the things she was requesting for her birthday. I had no idea it would also include those things she does not want! Funny girl!!

    Sunday, April 3, 2011

    He Crawls!!!!

    He's doing it!!! Did it just click?? Or did it help I had him in a diaper only on the cold kitchen tile floor?? Either way....he did it!! Let's just hope he keeps it up!

    Saturday, April 2, 2011

    Get them there sugar bugs!

    We went in for a dentist visit last week. Good thing our dentist is our cute friend Tanya! (We're actually SUPER lucky and have two good friends that are dentists ;))She owns a practice down in Mapleton. If you need a good dentist, go see Tany Westmoreland at Maple Mountain Dentistry!! Anyway, my kids have had nothing but good experiences with the dentist so they actually get excited when we go. It probably helps they get balloons & fun prizes. I took a picture of each of them when they were getting the silly gas so they could see how they looked like an elephant. When it was my turn to sit in the chair(no silly gas here), Luke took a picture of me but I didn't know until we got home and he showed me the photo. Savana and Scottie were really tough and did great. Luke did really well for the majority of the time and tried to be really brave, but when it came down to the last five minutes, he quietly shed a few tears. I felt so bad when I saw that he was sad. I think his patience wore thin and he was just ready to be done. All in all.... It turned out all good. Guess we'll see how much they all like he dentist when we go back in six months.
    We did find out through an x-ray that Scottie is probably going to get to know the orthodontist pretty well. He has a few adult teeth that won't come through without a little help, there's just not enough room. We'll know better on the 12th what the game plan is, but for now Dr. Westmoreland is thinking he'll need an arch expander and it's better that we get started now otherwise we could be looking at surgery in the future. She also noted that his wisdom teeth are coming in which is a little sooner than normal, but not a problem.
    When we first went in for a cleaning & an exam, Savana's two front teeth were loose. By the time we went back in the next week for her to get a filling, she had lost one of her front teeth and was prouder than a peacock to show it off at the dentists. Tanya said she probably wouldn't have noticed if it weren't for Savana's huge cheesy smile and a silent but obvious pleading for acknowledgement of a missing tooth. These pictures are so funny!! Savana and Scottie have obviously taken part of the silly gas LOL. They aren't exactly staring off into space. They put on cartoons for the kids while they're working on their teeth, kind of a nice distraction!