Sunday, July 26, 2009

he knows how to Par-tay

We decided to have a family birthday party for Luke at the waterpark in Provo. His b-day is the 19th, but we delayed the party for the following weekend because Scott's older Brother, Conan & his wife Sarah with all their little kidlets were in town from Oregon. Also, Luke's uncle Kevin returned home 2 days earlier. My family was so gracious to come and join in on the fun too!!


He was truly excited and made sure we all knew it was HIS birthday. He was anxious to open his gifts and REALLY liked all of them! The party started off with a little bit of swimming, then lunch, more swimming, cake/ice-cream & presents, and then finally more swimming.


yes.....I know the best way to a man's heart ;)



Thank you for coming everyone, we had a great time!!

Pioneer Day

Since we didn't buy our own fireworks and light them for the fourth of July, we made sure we got some for the 24th. ALL of Scott's family was together, including his youngest brother Kevin who just returned from his mission to London, England.


It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed each other's company! There was lots of, lots of entertainment and lots of things to do. The last time we were all together was when we sent Kevin off on his mission. It's always great to reunite.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

LUKE is 3!


All About Luke At Three

1. You still LOVE your blankies.....all four of them

2. You adore your older sister and brother

3. You have a very sweet spirit and are tender-hearted

4. You love Sponge-bob and Spiderman

5. You love to play dress-up in Halloween costumes

6. Popsicles are your favorite, even at 8 am

7. You don't mind it if Mommy asks for too many kisses

8. You still sneak in Mommy & Daddy's bed in the middle of the night

9. Riding bikes is one of your favorite things to do

10. You are very eager to go to pre-school

11. It makes you sad when people cry

12. You love all of your grandparents, aunts/uncles & cousins

13. You're very particular about the shoes you wear

14. You could survive all day on drinking just chocolate milk

15. You want to be able to do whatever the big kids are doing

16. You really don't like your picture taken, but you'll do it to amuse Mommy

17. You'll do anything you can to make your brother & sister giggle

18. You love your dog Koda

19. When we're in a quiet setting in public, you like to state very loudly (whether it's true or false) that one of your family members passed gas

20. You love to cuddle and are a Momma's boy



Happy Birthday my Love!! I can't believe how big you're getting!

Friday, July 10, 2009



July 4th 2009


Traditions.....still love 'em. Went to the Parade in the morning, bbq in the afternoon, derby and the fireworks show at night!


That's Scottie throwing one of those pop-its. Ya, he asked to go to a fireworks stand a "few" times. I don't think I'll be letting any of those babies get in his hands anytime soon. I could just see it now....Scottie Brown...the firestarter!

Wish I could say I took some pictures at the derby, but at that point in time I was way too fatigued to be lugging around my big camera. I could have just taken some pic's with my point and shoot camera....if I only had a brain.