Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming

Okay, so we didn't exactly see Dori....maybe a few who may have resembled her though.

We were so excited to get out of the house and meet up with some sweet friends! We wanted to have something fun for the kids to do, but stay out of the heat. We went to the Living Planet Aquarium with one of my good friends Michelle and her children Tregan, Daxton, and Atley.

It was so good to see them!! The kids were really excited to see each other and connected again as though the year that had just passed, only seemed like days.

Gettin' the "talk" on how to feed the sting rays! Wasn't so scary, right kids?

You had to be five or older, so Luke had to stand by and just watch :(

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Mommy: Luke, what do you want for lunch?

Luke: Peanut butter and jelly

Mommy: Really?? You just had that yesterday. Why do you want it again today?

Luke in a sing songy voice: Because I love it...but I don't want to marry it...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm a Pirate lover, that I be!

Luke's fourth birthday was on Monday. We decided to take him somewhere new. We took him to Pirate Island and I think he liked it! We're celebrating his birthday with a party at the Veteran's Pool like we did last year. He really enjoyed it so he wants a repeat!

Look at this cool mirror and chandelier!

Just Because

Blog overload's okay. It's really for my own personal journaling purposes. And one day when I stop procrastinating (maybe tomorrow), I'll print my blog into a book :) But for now, I wanted to add a few pics I took of Savana awhile back. They were for her six year old photos and I noticed I never posted them. So, here they are.....

Just Because

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Swimmin in the Shadow of the Peaks

We've been able to take a few trips to Seven Peaks. Luckily, we've had a few swimming mates go along with us! My nieces went with us another time, but I didn't take any pictures.... if I only had a brain! Oh, might I add.... I LOVE point and shoot cameras~NOT!

see...right there...that little spec?? That would be my Scottie! He braved the slide about five times so I could get a good shot.

Fourth of July

This year the fourth was REALLY nice. Because it was on a Sunday, we got to spend extra time with both families. The parade & derby in Delta on Saturday and then the parade & family bbq in Provo on Monday. We had lots of fun and this continues to be one of our favorite holidays!

Oh and, my mom is pretty much amazing. She paper mache'd the Statue of Liberty, for the float for her job, ALL by herself. Didn't she do an AWESOME job!?!

Scottie with Big Buddha at the parade in Provo!

Playin' Catch up :)

Memorial Day

We made a special weekend visiting a few loved ones.
It was nice to get a picture with all of the grandkids at once. That is a VERY rare occasion these days.

Got a picture with all FIVE of our babies. Wow, that felt nice to say!

Monday, July 19, 2010


Seems like just yesterday I was at the dr's office, caught COMPLETELY off-guard being told it was time to have Luke. He was three weeks early. Even in the womb he wanted to do things HIS way.

That day is so vivid in my mind. When we were told to go to the hospital so we could have a baby, I just about freaked. I was NOT ready! We went home, I did some dishes, tidied up the house, cut Scott's hair, then packed some stuff for the kids to go to a friends. When I showed up they just about died. They wondered what took me so long and had been told I was in active labor. Lucky for me, I was not feeling any major contractions. At the dr's office I was dialated to a 5 and when I got to the hospital I was a 6. For some reason, probably because the dr didn't want to be up all night, they decided to give me petocin. That completely stopped my labor. The next morning at 8:30am they broke my water and I delivered Luke at 9am.

He stole all of our hearts from the very beginning and continues to do so everyday! Even when he crashed the tahoe into the neighbors house or put the goldfish in the deep fryer or closes his eyes thinking I can't see him because he can't see me or draws on the walls and claims it wasn't him or sticks an ENTIRE roll of toilet paper in the toilet then tries to flush.

He's our Lukie, Lukers, little man, lovey boy.

Who Luke is....
He LOVES chocolate milk in a sippy cup
Loves to bowl
Loves to ride his scooter or 2 wheel bike
Loves to play with his older sister, brother and baby brother
Luke Loves peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
He loves basketball shorts
He wakes up very happy wanting to cuddle
He's very sensitive to others feelings
Loves to give kisses
He loves to swim
He doesn't love his picture being taken
Happy Birthday Bubba
Love Mommy & Daddy

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lots to Show off...

I have lots to post..But for now...I'll let you stare into these beautiful, deep, soulful eyes!

Doesn't he have a striking resemblance to the Gerber Baby? I think so!

Friday, July 9, 2010


The days seem to whisk by without hesitation. It leaves me wondering what day it is and then I find myself amazed that the days passed have come and gone. My baby is growing like a weed. He ceases to amaze us all.
They've ramped up his vision & occupational therapy in addition to adding in a physical therapist. Everyone is baffled at his progression. When I went to the second dose of his neonatal follow up clinic, I was greeted with the same reaction from the dietitian, nurse, pediatrician and physical therapist. They each had their concerns and many red flags while reading through his history. After evaluating him, they each anxiously informed me he was nowhere near the condition they would have assumed he'd be in. With that bit of info, it might trigger a question of why would they increase the therapy? They feel that if there could be something that either they're missing or hasn't presented itself, they want to grasp the window of opportunity and minimize anything that possibly could be in his future.
He's still a little behind with a few things, that is to be expected. His back and neck muscles aren't near as strong as they should be. He was in a hospital bed for four months so it comes as no surprise to anyone. In fact, they are indeed very pleased with his capabilities where they stand.
We have our few little exercises to do each day. He really doesn't mind...that meant just that much more time with mommy!

He is:
reaching for and holding his feet
staring at his hands
laughing at his mommy-brothers-sister-and-daddy
rolling onto his tummy on either side
grabbing the dogs hair and holding on for dear life
sleeping from 9:30 pm until 6:30am
wagging his tongue like a dog
singing to hear his own voice
sitting very well in his bumbo
and continuously stealing my heart

He is such a sweet, patient, loving, happy, kissable little angel. He continues to defy the odds. Lincoln was meant to be here. He fought so hard just to get his little body and be with our family here on earth. He is such a strong little guy who is never willing to give up. Hmmmm sounds like he fits right in with the other kids we have :) Without fail, I am always reminded that miracles exist and Lincoln will ALWAYS truly be our miracle. I don't know what we did to deserve such a special little spirit, but I'm sure glad he's ours!