Tuesday, December 31, 2013


We had a great year of football.  I took tons of pictures, including those of the rest of each of the boy's teams.  It was a lot of work, but it was well worth it!  Priceless captures of our memories!  The season ended off well. Scottie played two different positions than that of last year.  For offense he played wide receiver vs. last year's running back and for defense he played cornerback vs. last year's safety.  It was a challenge for him in the beginning, but I'm glad they proposed it to him.  It made him grow and helped him find strengths he didn't know he had.  If only football season was a bit longer.  Right when he was getting into the groove of things, it was all over.

Luke never fails to impress or achieve.  His coaches love him and can always rely on him.  For this season he played a few different positions.  For defense, he played defensive end, and some linebacker.  For offense, he played tight end and on occasion running back. He's such a dependable kid and always comes through.  Sometimes his football smarts scare me a little....

Random Pictures from December