Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Big 0-5

My little guy isn't so little anymore! I can't even believe that five years ago today, I was in the hospital in Arizona, delivering this sweet baby boy! I can still vividly remember all the details of that wonderful day! He surprised us by coming three weeks early! When I went in for my dr's appointment that day, I was dilated to a 5 and my doctor told me to make my way to the hospital. We decided to run home and get a few things in order since we were caught off guard just a little bit! At home I picked up the house a bit, did the dishes and gave Scott a hair cut. We packed some bags for Scottie & Savana, then dropped them off at a friends house. By the time we got to the hospital, the nurses had been wondering if I truly was in labor since it took me so long to get there. Once they got me situated, we found out I progressed to a 6. And the rest..... is history!

Our nicknames for you:
Lukey, Lukers, ma-luker, buddy, bubba, Lukey-Lou

Luke....you're such a sweet little guy!
You're very loveable and you love to give it back in return!
You're still attached to your blanket!
You LOVE giving mommy kisses.
You LOVE your bike!!
You're obsessed with wearing basketball shorts.
You would choose chocolate milk for breakfast hands down!
You love to be a clown and make us all laugh.
You hate your hair long because that means you have curls, which you think looks girly (I love your curls!)
You're an awesome big brother and love to help with your baby brother Lincoln.
You are a very good listener and love to help when you can.
You thought you were ready to go to kindergarten, but today you weren't so sure.
You're a daredevil, we claim you to be the next X-games athlete.
You have an amazing memory.
You like to ponder your memories.
You can be my little teddy bear, but at the same time, run with the big boys!

I'm so glad you belong to me. You're rosy cheeks and big brown eyes make my little heart melt. We love you so very much Luke and are glad you're a part of our family!!

Happy fifth birthday buddy!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth o' July 2011!

I'm so bummed! I took a ton of cute pictures with my phone of us at the derby, but a few days later I had to reset my phone because it was frozen. I lost all the photos I had on there. That's why it's good idea to back everything up ASAP! Here I go again being a Debbie Downer. Makes me sad I haven't had my camera in hand as often lately. I am a tad busy with school, but I don't want too many memories to pass by! For some reason these photos aren't the best quality, but they're better than nothing!!

Oh, how I wish I could zonk out anywhere like he can!