Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Girl Does Tricks

After patiently waiting for her brothers to have a break from sports, we were able to finally get Savana in gymnastics! She was sooo excited.

Maybe we've found her hidden talent. She's really good at it and has the build for it as well!

Fabric Flower tutorial

Seeing all the cute headbands and barretts has made me want to make some of my own! I was able to figure it out by looking online, who knew? In the meantime, I decided to make a tutorial of my own....This was particularly fun because that meant I would be taking the pictures one handed. It was a bit of a challenge, but all in all I think it turned out alright ;) It was good to practice my photography skills and my first tutorial.

Material needed: fabric, scissors, and fabric glue

Step 1: Cut any choice of fabric around a little over 1 inch wide. Depending on how long you cut it will determine the size of your flower. For bigger flowers, I cut the length at 44 inches. The length for the smaller flowers is 30 inches. You can choose whether those sizes suit your needs.
The type of your fabric will also determine the size.

Step 2:
For a little added character, I like to fray the edges by pulling some of the loose thread.

Step 3:
Crease the piece of fabric in half.

Step 4:
Open the fabric back up and apply fabric glue a little ways down. I purchased Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac from Walmart for $5.97

Step 5:
Press the fabric back over the glue and hold it for a few seconds to adhere. After that, roll a little portion of the fabric.

Step 6:
Twist the fabric away from the roll while continuing to wrap it around the roll. As you keep doing this, apply a few dots of glue along the way to keep the flower secure and in place.

Step 7:
.....keep going. How often you twist will determine the appearance of your flower. Do it to your liking.

Step 8:
When you're coming to the end of your fabric, leave a little extra. The bottom of your flower will look like this. Apply a fair amount of glue to the bottom and secure the extra fabric to give it the finished look.

Step 9:
Cut off any extra fabric.

Step 10:
This is the finished product!

Monday, October 18, 2010

For Sale

The fine print reads....
"Littl boy getting seld for 14 dollars and his name is Luke. comes with dump chruk."

Savana and Luke thought up a grand scheme the other day. I was quite entertained as I sat by and listened to their conversation, with an occasional question thrown my way. It went something like this:
Savana- Luke, we should put you up for sale.
Luke- Ya, that's a good idea.
Me- Why do you want to sell him?
Savana- Because he's always peeing his pants.
Luke- ya
Me- well, you better not put that on your sign or no one will want to buy him.

Savana- If someone buys you, you'll probably have to change your name.
Luke- Oh, okay. Well, maybe they can call me Scottie...or Savana...or Lincoln.
Savana- Mom, if we sell Luke, will you be sad?
Me- Ya, I think I'll cry everyday.
Luke- Mom, we should pack up my stuff so I can take it with me.
Me- No, if you get a new family they have to get you all new stuff.
Luke- I think they should just still call me Luke. I'll come back and spend the night so I can visit.
Me- How much are you selling him for?
Savana- $14!!!!!!

Luckily for me, there weren't any takers!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Thank Heaven,

For eleven months, that is. All I can say is, I can't believe the vast improvement just a few weeks can make. I continue to watch him blossom right before my eyes. His newest trick, he loves to clap. It's all he does anymore, especially if we sing pat-a-cake, he hears someone else clapping, or we tell him to clap.

He finally has his first tooth! It came through on the 24th of September. I think he loves to show it off!

We'll put him in his bouncer and the boy goes to town. His jumps are accompanied by his giggles and our delight. When he's no longer in his bouncer, he continue to jump on our laps.

It seems he is much more interested in people. He makes eye contact with just about everyone who speaks to him. And he's always interested in what you've got going on with your hands if you're holding him at the same time.

His angelic demeanor is forever steady. He is so patient, and truly a happy baby.

Happy eleven month birthday, Lincoln. One more month until we celebrate the day you changed our lives forever!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Blue 42...Blue 42...HUT!

Scottie has been thoroughly enjoying playing tackle football. He's on a 3rd and 4th grade team. He's one of the smallest, BUT he's one of the most agressive. This has not gone unnoticed. He gets in quite a bit of playing time. He plays corner back on defense, wide reciever on offense and on special teams.

His dad is REALLY loving every minute of it as well. Scottie's team is named after and has played a few games at Scott's alma mater. I see my name on the dotted line, binding me-Scottie-& sports for a life time. Good thing I have Savana to keep me balanced!