Monday, September 27, 2010

Developmental Test

At least a month ago or more, Lincoln's occupational therapist performed a developmental test on him to see if he's on track and where he is for his adjusted age (being 6 months). Today we received the results. Unfortunately they didn't have a copy for me right then, they'll be mailing it later on. In the meantime, I'll try and go off of don't quote me on this!

Gross Motor Skills....Lincoln scored at a 4 month level. To be expected for us. He is a bit behind and we knew he would score low here. He is barely now mastering the ability to go up on his forearms and lift his head while on his tummy.

Language....he scored at a 2 month level. This one is a bit hard for me to understand. Truly, if he was at about 6 months of age adjusted at the test, he shouldn't be saying much. He has communicative skills such as crying when he needs a bottle, diaper change, or sleep...Laughing when he's happy or someone is being silly...and just babbling like a baby would. I think where they were going with this one was he doesn't necessarily connect the name Lincoln to himself etc.

Cognitive...he scored in the 75th percentile. I am truly giddy about this!! He is above average for his adjusted age and doing things above his chronological age! I am super excited about this one because you never know with the brain bleed-brain injury how it will affect them cognitively. You don't know their capabilities physically, but mentally is also another big issue! So far, he's exceeding our expectations.

I'm going off of memory here and not all of it seeped in, obviously. There were a few more scores and only one more I remember vividly that he was above average on! When I get the actual score sheet, I'll make sure to clarify things.

We set new goals for Lincoln and checked off the ones he's achieved.
Some of the new goals:
Making more purposeful eye contact (this can be especially hard for preemies)
Getting on all fours with intent to crawl
Being able to name objects or people for him and for him to comprehend
Sitting unsupported

He's doing really well with issues there. That can be a hurdle with preemies as well.
The occupational therapist had been leery of some tone in his hamstrings. This can be indicative of cerebral palsy. When she came today, she said he felt differently and more loose than ever in his legs. We've been working really hard with his stretches.

I'm so proud of my little guy. Life with him was so uncertain and in some terms, it still is. A couple of things I have witnessed and will always believe in....

One....There is a God. We have a Father in Heaven whom is vastly aware of each of our individual situations....And He CARES. Second, I know we are predestined for the lives we have, it is our choice do with it what we may. Third, I KNOW these trials are given to us to help refine and mold our souls in combination of having the opportunity to be an example to others. Lastly, I firmly believe He will never give us anything we can't handle.

I also still, and forever will, believe in miracles. Sometimes when I have the conversation with other people about the experience I had with Lincoln, things seem knew to me. In the sense that, it's somewhat foreign and I never thought about it in that light. Like the fact that I was FOUR AND A HALF months pregnant when my water broke. That is just unbelievable. I always say I was 18 weeks along. Most people are just about to find out the sex of their baby at that gestation. And while most women have 2 maybe 3 ultrasounds through out the duration of their pregnancy, I was having an ultrasound once monthly from 9 weeks to 20 weeks, then twice a week from 20 weeks until I delivered him at 28 weeks gestation. Mind boggling. He was meant to be here and he's making his mark on this world. Ok, even if it's not a mark on this world, it sure is on me and my family. I look forward to watching his progress. I love how everything he does is so exciting and such a huge achievement to us. Even if it's clapping his hands, rolling around on the floor or even just smiling. We love this boy and we're oh so lucky to have him with us!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bouncing Baby Boy

So, I don't know if anyone else feels this way, but I think it is huge that Lincoln is doing this. We were having a hard time getting him to put any weight on his feet. He's not even always that willing to stand on your lap with assistance if you prod him.

My cousin gave this bouncer to me quite awhile ago. I brought it out from storage and got a little ahead of myself. The occupational therapist said she didn't think he was quite ready for it. About a month later, she thought it was about time. I started to put him in it. He was quite slothful. He was droopy and didn't quite understand the realm of this foreign object he was in. We gently bounced him a few times to show him what fun he could have. ...nada...

Finally, with one of our latest attempts, he caught on! He's been having SO much fun with it.

Not the greatest picture quality, but you get the idea ;)

Lincoln can now clap his hands, play pat-a-cake, shake his head when you say no no, dance if by shaking his head if you sing or if he hears music.

He loves his baby food...inhaling twice a day. He also got his FIRST broke through his gums on the 23rd of September!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Without a doubt

she IS an angel! Even though demands, shrills, and drama may be present....occasionally.
This girl wants to sing, she says she's just too shy. I remember the days she didn't think twice about the fear and just took a leap of faith. Somehow I'll instill that confidence right back into her. She has a pretty voice. You just can't make it known you can hear her.
What I would give for those eyelashes!!

One of the things we're working on Lincoln being able to sit. He is getting stronger and stronger everyday! Things are improving on a continuous basis. Now, if I could only get him to keep his glasses on!! blech!


My great aunt Barbara came for a visit from Florida. It's been just a few years since we saw her last. I wish I weren't missing a few marbles because I would've thought of getting a picture of my children with their great great aunt. At least we made sure we got a few shots of just her and photos of her with my mom.

My mom has always felt a special bond with her. Aunt Barbara is my grandma's sister. My grandma passed away when my mom was ten. It's a bit comforting observing aunt Barbara and imagining what my grandma might be like. Aunt Barbara is one of those people that you may not see for years, but feel like no time has passed when you're apart. When my cousins and I were younger, and Uncle Bob and Aunt Barbara would come into town, we always had so much fun with them. We'd be silly and switch their names around then call them Uncle Barbara & Aunt Bob. They got a kick out of that and would play along with us.

I had the pleasure of Aunt Barbara staying at my house, along with my mom, for two days and we enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you so much for the visit!!!

Rest in Peace Uncle Bob!!! I really missed you this visit, but we'll surely see you again someday!

Labor Day Tournament

Scottie was able to paricipate in his first tournament with his club baseball team. The first couple of games they crushed them (punn intended. their team name is North County Crush).

They got all the way up to championship, but were shut out with a score of 10 to zip. It was a good experience. He's really blossoming.

wow, blogspot slaughtered my pictures!

Proud New Owner

Of a little dalmation puppy. When Luke came downstairs all spotted, my natural reaction was... "Luke!" But after questioning him and hearing his response, all I could do was hold back the giggles.
Me... "Luke, why did you have to draw all over yourself??"
Luke..."Because I wanted to be a dalmation, Mom."
After looking at this picture, I notice he went back for a second round to add more SPOTS.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Spread the Word

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

TwO away from tWeLvE

Two more months until Lincoln's first birthday. He's ten months old today and growing ever more. It's hard to have a variety of pictures when he can't do much but lay on his back on sit in his bumbo. He is starting to do a little better on his tummy with lifting his head, but we still have a ways to go. He is a bit behind in that department, so we try to make sure to exercise him everyday. It's almost like he's stuck in the stage where they know they want to move around, but can't just yet. We had his nurse over today and she was happy with his improvements. He is now weighing in at 14 pounds 1 ounce. He's up 6 oz's in a 2 week period. His eyes are improving as well, but let me tell you what....It's a capital P.A.I.N to keep his glasses on! I will distract him, but the second he thinks I'm not paying attention he'll try to rip them off. I'm pretty quick at getting them on. Now it's just the leaving them on we need to perfect!

He fell asleep while having a little bit of tummy time! It's a lot of work you know! Nothing like my own little slice of Heaven right on my living room floor! Some good news is that he is sleeping THROUGH the night. Ah, thanks Lincoln, I really appreciate it! Bed time is 8:30pm and he's happy and awake at 7am.

^Bitter picture face^
Shame on me for not getting any pictures of the two of them together, but Lincoln was able to meet his great great aunt Barbara from Florida. She snuggled with him quite a bit. He was even so comfortable with her as to pee all over my sweet aunt!