Monday, August 31, 2009



I still remember the day Savana was born. She looked like a little monkey, but I was proud and happy because she was my monkey baby. She was so beautiful....and still is!


I remember thinking how this time around a newborn wouldn't be as hard. For the most part, I really knew what I was doing and how to cope with all the different situations. I was right....all my memories of Savana as a newborn are pleasant ones.


She was always so anxious to go to school. Pre-school was very important to her and she always expressed her desire to go.


I knew this day would come sooner than later, but I can't believe it's actually here. This is when their lives start really flying by because, besides their birthdays, you have something else to keep track of their growth. I want nothing but happiness for Savana. So, if that means I have to let her go, I guess I will. I know it will be good for both of us :) She has such a sweet spirit and she's so kind and loving. Her class will be lucky to have her and get to know her!

LOVE you so much SAVANA!!

SeCoNd GrAdE

Sometimes I catch myself trying to say that Scottie is in first grade. In fact, one of the other mom's on his soccer team asked what grade he was in and I responded first. It took me a few minutes before I realized I was completely wrong! I corrected myself and told her he was actually now in the second grade. I must just be loosing my mind because I also thought I already put his first day of school pictures on the blog.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I've been keeping a little secret! Well, there's a few out there who know, but many that do not. This little one has been growing within my womb! Any guesses as to whether it's a boy or girl?????

It's a boy!!

For some reason, at this point, I don't think we could get a girl even if we had any control over it ;). I am 17 weeks along and due on Feb 2. Everything is going pretty well so far!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

....He's still got it....


The day turned out to be a really good day...I got showered with roses, perfume, a card, A REALLY nice lens he bought me a month previous, dinner and a movie!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just Yesterday

I swear it was just yesterday that I was making a post for our eighth anniversary. Or maybe it was just yesterday I woke up early and anxious, ready for my big day! This was our engagement picture.

Man, we were so young and innocent. It didn't take much to make us happy. We weren't concerned about living on money, back then we were living on love. This picture was on our honeymoon. We went to a very "nice" hotel for the first night. We set the self-timer to take this photo.

We couldn't get enough of each other. He was my world and no other thoughts but of him could take over my mind. We would write little love-notes and put them in a secret place to surprise the other.

They say there's no such thing as a 'fairy tale.' Well, I have a little secret, you can make your own fairy tale. And when you start looking through your memories you will find you were right in the middle of one the whole time.

After nine years, I still feel the same way, but it's only intensified. I am so lucky to have you as my husband FOREVER! Thank you for EVERYTHING you do and everything you are. I LOVE YOU!!!!!