Friday, September 30, 2011

Humor Me

One of the kids brought this kazoo home the other day.  I'm not sure if they taught Lincoln how to work it or if it's something he figured out on his own.  He gets so proud of himself though when he makes those little lips hum.  I love it....just hope he doesn't get carried away and make himself pass out!

Saving that for Later?


Who can tie his very own shoes!!!

Sego Lily PTA Carnival

The kids elementary puts on a carnival for the PTA to raise funds for the school.  There was lots of stuff to do and the kids were in hog heaven.  Scottie only got to stay for a tiny bit before heading off to football practice.  The first thing they did was hit the dunk tank.  We got there just in time for Savana to have a chance at dunking her teacher.  She prevailed!

Savana and Luke were having a blast, running from ride to ride.  They found this train ride pulled by a 4-wheeler.  Lincoln and I joined them and he LOVED it!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dinosaur Museum 2011

We met my dear friend Michelle and her three kids at the Dinosaur Museum in Thanksgiving Point.  We hadn't seen each other and were dying to get together.  The kids love being with one another so it's always fun for them to reunite.  Savana and Daxton secretly have a crush on each other, but it's very taboo so I mustn't talk about it LOL.  We had a lot of fun and now I'm kicking myself in the butt for not getting a photo with the two of us!  I have this little point and shoot camera so I don't have to lug around my big camera and flash all the time.  I'm a little disappointed in the quality, but at least I have pictures, right?
I promise Lincoln didn't pee his pants....well, he probably DID pee his pants, he just DIDN'T pee through them.  One of my kids had the brilliant thoughts of giving him a bottle of water all to himself.  As you can see, the bottle of water won.
Luke had to get a picture of me with the Dinosaur trying to eat me.  He thought that was pretty funny.
Savana and Daxton
Luke and Aty

The Good Stuff

Yep, he knows where it is. The second we open the fridge we can hear the thunder of Lincoln's knees hitting the floor. He's so curious. Just the way I like it!

In a Pickle

So, how do you get your mom to not feed you a pickle when you're just not lovin' it?  I think he gave in with that old saying...."if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"  It was too funny watching all his sour faces.  He wasn't sure about the pickle at all, but one thing's for sure....he loves to humor us.  We tried this the other day with a lemon.  He didn't love the taste, but seeing that every one of us giggled with delight, he kept doing it just to get us to laugh and get our attention.. 


Lincoln is really trying to be a big boy!  He LOVES trying to eat his cereal with milk and a spoon just like the big kids.  One of the funnest things he's doing lately is when he sees someone with food, he'll "mmmm" and crawl over to them like a speed demon.

Luke goes to Kindergarten!!

I literally can't believe we did it. I was hesitant about putting him in this year because his birthday is July so that makes him the very youngest. I was pretty dead set on him starting next year, but ever since I started school it just became the right thing to do. If we would have waited another year, I know he would have been bored to death. He was really ready to start and he's loving it. He started a week later than the older kids. So, he got his own special day.

First day Frenzy!

The kids started their first day of school on the 22nd of August.  With it being a new school, I thought they would be a little more nervous, but they weren't!  They're not very shy...more like social butterflies.  It is comforting as a mother to know that.

Can you tell Scottie is WAY beyond the picture taking days on the first day of school?  He cooperated, but wasn't about to put on a smile!  And talking pictures of him in his class room was completely out of the question!

We had some of our family from Oregon come and stay with us right after we moved.  Savana has a cousin that she is just a few months older than.  When they're together, they're glued at the hip....virtually inseparable.  Her cousin got this same cute little outfit while she was here and Savana added this to her list of school clothes and absolutely would not back down.  Super cute!  Can't wait until I can take a picture of them together when they're both wearing it.